Congratulations to our


2020 Staff of the Year!


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Specialty Program Staff of the Year:

Keegan Ruckdaschel

All three of Keegan’s children swim on our RSD swim team. After seeing how meaningful the program has been to their lives, she was inspired to apply for a position. Since 2019 Keegan has been working for our Aquatics department as a Lifeguard and Administrator.

“I love working at The Club and for an organization whose main goal is to support our youth and our community at large.”





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Leadership Staff of the Year:

Ally Hanlon

Ally began her BGC journey in 1989 as a member of our Griset Clubhouse after school programs in Encinitas. Her role quickly transitioned to volunteer and teen mentor, to Youth of the Year, to a full time employee. Over the last 24 years Ally’s team attitude and passion for our kids and this community has led her to do every job and learn every trade within our organization. From Program Leader and Front Desk Reception to Clubhouse Manager, Volunteer Coordinator, Special Events Manager to her current role as Donor Relationship Manager, Ally’s knowledge of, and loyalty to our organization are crucial to the success of our Leadership Team.

“This organization is my family. Some of the staff here at BGC San Dieguito literally helped shaped the person I am today. Twenty years ago, I never imagined I would still be here, but now, I can’t imagine ever being anywhere else.”




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After School Program Staff of the Year:

Karla Contillo

Karla began her journey with The Club 3 years ago when her child enrolled as a member in our after school programs. Since then, Karla has served our organization in whatever capacity was needed. Her positive attitude and love of youth has taken her from Program Leader at our Allred Clubhouse to Teaching Assistant in our Carmel Valley Montessori School, to the current Site Lead for our Polster Clubhouse in Carmel Valley.

“I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work within an organization whose members and staff are like family to me and to have the privilege to really make a difference in the lives of our youth.”