Carmel Valley Montessori School

Our Carmel Valley Montessori School (CVMS) provides a nurturing, child-centered environment where individual needs are met at each stage of development. The Montessori manipulable materials are specifically designed to enhance the child’s natural love of learning along with a program led by well trained, devoted teachers facilitating growth on every level. A balanced curriculum of academics as well as music, art, gymnastics, cultural studies and character development help promote a well-rounded individual who has the highest potential to excel in every area of life.

CVMS has provided unparalleled educational opportunities for the north coastal San Diego County’s youngest citizens since 2000. CVMS extends its tradition of “learning by doing” to the young children with a model preschool designed in every detail for their needs.

The program is offered for ages 2 to 6 years old and is committed to preparing children for lifelong learning by teaching cooperation, challenging intellects, nurturing the desire to learn and engendering self-confidence. This happens in an environment that is fun, rewards curiosity and where the teachers care deeply about the development of the whole child.

Contact Info

Holly Rosa

Program Director
(858) 720-2181

3800-A Mykonos Lane,
San Diego, CA 92130

Ages Served


Grades Served

Preschool, Pre-K, TK

Parent Paperwork

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First Day of School 2022-2023

School Calendar 2022-2023

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Programs Offered

To register, call (858) 720-2181
Date & Time
Part-Time 2 Days
Tuesday & Thursday
8:30am – 2:30pm
Part-Time 3 Days
Monday, Wednesday, & Friday
8:30am – 2:30pm
Full Day
Monday – Friday
8:30am – 2:30pm
Full Day Extended
Monday – Friday
7:30am – 6:00pm

*You can choose from the above schedule, provided there is an opening.

All programs include art, cooking, gardening, and extracurricular programs such as Zumba, Music and Movement, Sports and Spanish classes! Summer Programming includes cultural camps and splash days!


As part of the ongoing safety awareness at Carmel Valley Montessori School, we are adhering to a TOTAL PEANUT NUT FREE policy throughout the entire school. This includes all school-related activities. Parents and children need to be mindful of any products containing peanuts when preparing lunches or snacks (including all peanut butter, peanut snacks, etc). Parents of children, who have suffered any anaphylactic reaction to any foods or insect bites, need to provide the school with an up-to-date medical action plan, signed by their treating doctor as well as an EpiPen if necessary.

Our Philosophy

Carmel Valley Montessori School is based upon the philosophy of Maria Montessori providing a positive environment for growth and learning; offering experiences that enrich and enhance each child’s cognitive, language, social, emotional, physical, creative and moral development. In a spirit of love and respect our teachers are responsive to each child’s individual needs. Children have opportunities to create, explore the environment, learn problem solving and personal interaction skills, and learn concepts through hands-on experiences at their own pace and interest level. This fosters independence, positive self-concept and enhances the child’s natural love of learning.

Meet Our Teachers

Office Staff

Holly Rosa – Director

Holly Rosa has been working for Carmel Valley Montessori School for the past 12 years. In high school she began working with children in her ROP class, and realized then that she loved the child care field. Holly went on to work in different preschools as well as schools within the San Diego Unified School District. It was during this time that she learned about Montessori education, and expressed an interest in that style of teaching. Within the Carmel Valley Montessori school Holly has worked with both the Preschool and Toddler classrooms. Holly completed her Montessori teaching certification, and she is looking forward to a wonderful year as one of our Lead Preschool teachers! Holly is from the beautiful island of Hawaii, and currently lives in Ranch Bernardo with her two dogs.

Stephanie Piceno-Prado – Administrative Assistant

Bio coming soon.

Primary 1 Classroom

Paulina Piceno-Prado – Lead Teacher Toddler

Paulina Piceno-Prado has been working with Carmel Valley Montessori for three years. We are happy to have her as the lead teacher for the Toddler class. In 2012 she received her Montessori certification. She has six years experience working with children and the Montessori environment. Paulina looks forward to being part of your child’s learning process, and to cherish the opportunity to guide her students in finding their true potential.

Aurora Galindo – Assistant Teacher

Bio Coming Soon.

Primary 2

Heena Panchal - Lead Montessori Teacher

Ms. Heena Panchal is an accomplished Montessori teacher with 10 plus years of teaching and childhood development experience. She is a highly qualified Montessori teacher with Diploma in Montessori Teachings from the North American Montessori Center as well as certification in Childhood Development. She is also a Yoga teacher and a big advocate of Yoga for kids. She has a Bachelor in Commerce from the University of Mumbai and a Diploma in Information Systems Management.

Ms. Heena has worked with children of all age groups especially the last many years working with children from two to six years. As a mother of a college-going daughter at UC Berkeley she knows what it takes to turn a two year into a healthy, and intellectually glowing youth.

She teaches and fosters with a focus on developing young minds socially, emotionally, and academically so they can become successful future leaders of our society.

Her caring and compassionate attitude is always visible in her daily operations and interactions. She is a strong collaborator and partners enthusiastically with all teachers, staff, and parents. She is very passionate to help parents in all possible ways to support their kid’s needs as each child is unique. She also loves to continue to learn from others and has participated over years in the International Conference of American Montessori Society.

Caitlyn Quindoy–Assistant Teacher

Bio Coming Soon


Kakali Bhattacharya – Lead Teacher

Kakali Bhattacharya grew up in India, and earned a BA in History with a Minor in Political Science and Philosophy from Calcutta University India. She also completed a Masters degree in History, Culture & International relations from the same University. When she came across the Montessori education system, she was “charmed” by its simplicity and scientific method of teacher younger children. She became an active parent volunteer and substitute assistant. She finished her Montessori AMI Primary teaching certification from MISD La Jolla. As one of our Lead Preschool Teachers for this year, Kakali is excited to create an optimal learning environment that nurtures each student’s potential, as well as provide a dynamic and challenging education for her students. Kakali is married and has 2 sons that have attended the Montessori schools. Some of her favorite past times include reading, cooking, exploring, and learning new things!

Catherine Ortega - Assistant Teacher

Bio coming soon

Anjela Danga - Assistant Teacher

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Gabriela Johnson - Lead Montessori Teacher

Bio coming soon

Meliza Espinoza – Co-Teacher

Bio coming soon

Karla Contillo - Assistant Teacher

Karla Contillo has been working for Boys & Girls Clubs of San Dieguito for the past four years. She became a Teacher Assistant at Carmel Valley Montessori School in 2019. Prior to that, she worked as a Program Leader in the after-school program at Allred Clubhouse. She became a Site Lead at Polster Clubhouse, Carmel Valley. She was awarded Staff of the Year 2020 in the after-school program. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Pedagogy. She worked as a schoolteacher for eleven years teaching elementary and middle school in Mexico. She was always inspired by her parents who both worked as schoolteachers. She learned how important it is to be part of her students’ lives and feels great privilege in guiding them toward a brighter future. Karla is married and has a 11-year-old daughter.