RSD Swimmers Swim the Catalina Channel & Give Back

Seven of our RSD Swimmers set a goal to complete the Catalina Channel Swim, a 22-mile relay starting at Catalina Island and ending at Dana Point. In order to achieve this, the swimmers raised funds to cover their expenses which included a boat and a full support crew to aid them for the duration of the ocean swim. The self-proclaimed Team Catalina Cruisers spent the summer doing whatever they could think of to reach their financial goal, including: picking 800 lemons at a local grove, developing a Go Fund Me page, and baking and selling 200 cake pops at the local mall.
Ultimately, the swimmers raised more than they needed for the swim and decided to give back to Boys & Girls Clubs of San Dieguito, the place that inspired them to set goals and ultimately trained them to achieve a task like Catalina Channel.
The teens donated over $900 to our swim lesson program, including swim lesson barbels, yellow fun mats, an indoor/outdoor dolphin slide, squirty toys, tugboat stacking cups, foam bath toys, and a learn to swim aid- toddler dock.
The swim itself brought about extremely rough waters, with 8-10 foot swells and high winds kicking in just 30 minutes after the beginning of the race. To ensure the safety of all involved, the decision was made by the boat captain and coach to call off the rest of the swim. The team left in good spirits and are already looking forward to doing it again next year!
Swimmers included: Miko Baron, Hannah Wong, Keirlyn Mullica, Kyle Wong, Katherine Steinmeier, Audrey Schafer, Arielle Brotman

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