Over 7,300 kids and teens use out facilities each year. Help us keep them safe.

Help us make critical repairs to three of our facility’s roofs.

We have an urgent need to upgrade and repair all three of our gymnasium and Clubhouse roofs. Our current roofs are original, some dating back as early as 1969, and they are all in desperate need of repairs.

For over 56 years, we have committed to doing whatever it takes for the 7,300 kids and teens we serve. Our vision from the beginning was to create a multiple club operation to be able to serve the local community. With seven Clubhouses and seven specialty programs, we have meet this vision and continue to adapt and create services that serve our youths’ diverse interests and developmental needs. On any given day you can hear the echo of balls being dribbled in our gyms, vegetables sizzling on our stove tops, kids laughing as they build friendships, and live music resonating from our sound studios along with so much more.

Over 2,700 local kids

use our gyms each year through our athletics programs (Big 8 Middle School Sports, Bulldogs Basketball, Snuffy/Fastbreak Basketball, and Elementary Hoops)

Over 6,000 community members

utilize our gyms through community partnerships each year

We serve more than 7,300 kids and teens annually

There's more than 3,500 registered members

in our ASP Program

We award over $440,000

in financial aid annually

Help us reach our goal

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