Group of Volunteers Turn into CHL Employees

When you donate your time, you often get just as much in return as you give. Volunteers often receive verbal gratitude, make new friendships, and experience an overwhelming sense of belonging. For this group of four young people, their volunteer efforts turned into a bona fide paycheck!

Over the past several years, Mira, Alec, Alex and Ty volunteered at our Centers For a Healthy Lifestyle in a variety of different areas. Whether it be spending their time helping with summers camps, computer programming, ceramics, or cooking, their skills and personalities were quickly accepted by both the Club kids and staff. “I thought that I would have fun, but it was so much more than I thought!” Mira excitedly told Jessica Ellis, our CHL Director. After having such a rewarding time volunteering, each applied to become a permanent member of the team, landing jobs as Ceramics Camp Counselor, Cooking Instructor, and Lead Summer Camp Counselor.

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