After a two-year hiatus, our Youth Arts Academy returned to the Music Box for their annual youth rock concert, COMMOTION! We cannot begin to describe the level of excitement from all parties when we announced the return of this tradition.

The students in our rock band program worked extremely hard to perfect their selection of songs to perform for their family, friends, and ultimately their peers! But as the date came closer and closer, the instructors and Program Manager Amanda Buzzell felt that not only do we need to celebrate our rock band programs, but we should also celebrate and include our private lesson students who have also been working rigorously over the year on their craft with their instructors. Giving everyone an opportunity that only a few professional musicians get to experience.

COMMOTION was a tremendous success this year. It was a humble return to a tradition that is loved by students, parents, volunteers, instructors, and anyone who helped make the show a success! Many of the Music Box staff commented on how well our students handled the stage. Some noted how the event rivaled many of the bigger acts that perform there on a regular basis.

Our kids and families can’t wait to return next year for this amazing experience!