Chicken Coop Build with DPR


DPR Construction came through for the Encinitas Clubhouse’s Center for a Healthy Lifestyle with a brand new chicken coop! Alongside three other local area schools, the Griset Boys & Girls Club in Encinitas hosted DPR’s newest associates that formed a construction crew early in the morning, to set up this charming chicken chalet.

The Clubs are currently planning their approach to populating this coop and incorporating hens into the Urban Farm. Besides a source of eggs as a healthy edible protein, hens produce an incredible source of nitrogen, in their droppings. When mixed with soil, the result is a natural fertilizer placed around the base of plants, beating out many of its chemical / inorganic alternatives and is a great way to boost the growth and production. When utilized to grow seedlings, this mixture’s enzymes in the baby plants may have a natural insect repellent effect.

A HUGE thanks to DPR for creating this incredible opportunity for Club Kids to know, grow, nurture, and harvest and the Urban Farm!

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