Happy New Year to all!

2023 was a busy year. Thank you for being a champion of a Club kid, whether you are a donor, parent, or member! We have come so far since the beginning of 2020. It brings me an incredible amount of joy to hear the halls full of our members laughing and chatting on the way to one of our Clubs, a music lesson, swim practice, or a game in our gyms. You can see and feel the positive energy exuding from our buildings, music rooms, Clubhouses, gyms, pools, gardens, and classrooms.

There is no one thing that builds success.  It takes a village of people, a safe environment, high- quality programs and unique experiences to level the playing field for all kids.  At Boys & Girls Clubs of San Dieguito, we don’t do just one thing; we do whatever it takes to build GREAT FUTURES for our youth members.  We strive to hire the best mentors to help our kids and teens learn about themselves, see what’s possible, and achieve their dreams!

I’ve had the honor of witnessing the children of our staff members (including my own) grow up in our programs.  Many have chosen to transition from being a youth member to becoming a valued staff member. There is an immeasurable bond amongst our staff.  We have over 450 years of collective service among our 45-full time staff: a true testament to the loyalty and passion we have for our work, for each other, and for the families we serve.

Our Clubs’ deep 57-year history serving the San Dieguito community has been one triumph, overcoming challenges and adversity time and time again. We have always answered the call without hesitation: whether it be taking over vital services necessary to youths’ positive development, to filling much-needed gaps in the middle of a pandemic, to efficiently resolving unplanned maintenance and repair needs.

Our success is a direct result of the support our community has shown us. Your financial support, partnerships, and willingness to give of your time and talents have allowed us to grow and become a full-service organization! As a non-profit we recognize how much need is out there.  Please know that we are honored you have chosen and continue to choose us!

There are so many challenges facing youth right now; however, I can attest to their willingness to meet these challenges head-on without hesitation or fear. I see hope, resilience, and drive walk through our Clubs every day, as young people are encouraged to discover their inner chef, musician, academic, athlete, and leader.

As one of the largest youth serving organizations in San Diego, Boys & Girls Clubs of San Dieguito continues to lead the charge, working alongside the other eight Clubs across the county as well as numerous academic and athletic youth serving programs to deepen and maximize our collective impact. GREAT FUTURES for our kids and teens is dependent on all of us working together and taking action now.

Please contact me if you would like to learn more about our programs, our impact, and/or what it takes to keep our doors open.

With sincere gratitude,

Marineke Vandervort