Congratulations to Kyra Dominguez!

Age 15 – Harper Teen Center, Solana Beach
Sponsored by Boys & Girls Clubs of San Dieguito Foundation

Congratulations to Kyra Dominguez, who was crowned our 2022 overall Youth of the Year. Our 2022 Youth of the Year (YOY) Celebration and fundraiser on Saturday, August 6th at the Del Mar Racetrack was huge a success!

Over 200 people got Mad as a Hatter, raising just over $150,000 while basking in the sun, watching the races up close and enjoying entertainment from aerialists, jugglers, hula hoopers and a DJ.

The event culminated in the crowning of our 2022 Overall Youth of the Year while shining a light on what we are all about: the positive development of youth.

About Kyra

“My parents have instilled in me that the most important thing in the world is my education, nothing else matters. I value many things. My education is at the top of my list, but my parents will always be the most valuable thing I cherish and I want to make them proud. I am working hard every day to repay them for everything they have given me.

When I was little I always had to do my homework alone. I had to work independently because my parents didn’t know how to help me. I’ve gotten many comments throughout elementary school and even up until now about how mature and independent I was for my age. I would wonder: is this not how kids my age are supposed to be acting? This also led to me believing that asking for help was embarrassing, that I should just do it myself and not bother others. I would never feel good enough. It didn’t matter if I had all A’s because in my mind that was my job as a student, that is all that is required and having all A’s was the basic requirement I needed to meet. Because of this mindset I never felt proud of myself, and didn’t value my hard work or my own worth.

All of this thinking changed when I joined Boys & Girls Clubs of San Dieguito. They melted away that kind of ideology. You could see through their actions how much they cared for every single kid at the Club. I became more and more comfortable in asking questions because I no longer had the feeling that I was being bothersome. I still struggle once in a while opening up to people, but the Club has given me the ability to trust that people just want to help and encourage you.”