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Dear Community,

As the holidays approach, I would like to share with you a story that touched my heart in a special way. It’s about opening doors to opportunity.

To a typical child, the summer months generate thoughts of family vacations, fun with friends, and exciting adventures. However, in the minds of a young 8-year-old David and 11-year-old Lizbeth, this past summer was spent riding every day on an early morning bus to their mother’s work, followed by spending 10 unsupervised hours finding creative ways to entertain each other. These young children relied on an iPad and a coffee shop WiFi connection, rather than a caring adult encouraging them to grow beyond the classroom during their long days of summer.

Boys & Girls Clubs of San Dieguito builds deep powerful relationships and open countless avenues of opportunities. For Lizbeth and David, our doors were opened wide. Our Club learned of these two young children thanks to two wonderful community members, and, by way of several intentional visits to that coffee shop, we were able to establish a relationship with their mother. Through a translator, we learned that their father currently lives in Mexico, leaving their mother to be a single parent. Their mother shared with us that her sole income and lack of family support left her unable to provide proper care for her children. We knew that our Club could be the perfect solution when we heard how helpless she felt for having her children sit all day without any supervision, so we opened our doors. We provided 100% scholarships for both children to attend our Summer Camps; where over the next seven weeks Lizbeth and David were able to participate in camps focusing on hip hop, basketball, tennis, art and drama. They were even able to visit LEGOLAND and through our aquatics department, they learned how to swim. David and Lizbeth spent their summer months as they were always meant to – as kids.

These two young children needed our Club…however; we soon realized it was US who needed them. Their story reminded us of how critical Boys & Girls Clubs are to our communities. We learned that during times of struggle, kids learn to adapt. More importantly, we learned that when given a safe space where adult mentors can positively engage youth in a caring way…kids thrive.

A door was opened and thankfully Lizbeth and David walked through it. During this time of holiday celebrations and gift giving, please open your heart to our kids and give generously. I would like to invite you to consider giving a gift that is meaningful to you and your family. All gifts received by December 25th will be matched by a wonderful investment by the Doug Allred Family (up to $15,000)! Thank you so much for your support and best wishes for a joyous holiday season.




Marineke Vandervort
CEO, Boys & Girls Clubs of San Dieguito


Thank you for your interest in supporting our efforts to serve our youth. Each year we depend on the generosity of many individuals, corporations, foundations, civic organizations and government funding to support our annual operating needs.

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Give Financially


We provide scholarships for those who need assistance with our program fees. The actual cost of providing services is approximately $1,000 per child. A contribution of any size will help make up the difference. Since 79% of our budget goes directly to youth programming, you can be assured that your investment is guaranteed high returns in the life of a deserving young person and for our community as a whole. We also encourage in-kind gifts, which help us serve the children!

Examples of how your gift will be put to use:

  • A $20 donation provides a 1/2 hour swim lesson.
  • A $75 donation provides a child after-school services for a week.
  • A $100 donation subsidizes a performing arts or summer camp scholarship.
  • A $200 donation provides an athletic scholarship for a child to play in the BIG Eight Middle School Sports Program.
  • A $450 donation underwrites a full year worth of specialized programming for a member including college preparatory programs, athletic league experiences, arts & crafts classes, and summer camps.

Or send your donation to:  ATTN: Development Dept.
533 Lomas Santa Fe Drive., Solana Beach, CA 92075

In Kind Donations

Club-LobeIn-kind gifts of products or services enable us to provide hope and opportunity to our members, help us keep our Clubs accessible and affordable so that we can reach our youth, and allow us to host spectacular events that raise money for our work while showcasing the accomplishments of staff and members. Whether it is tickets to a sports game for our members, printing services for an invitation, strategic planning consulting expertise, or food for our Clubs, in-kind gifts allow us to reduce our expenses and direct more of the money we raise to direct services for youth.

What kinds of donated items can the clubs use?

  • Sports equipment
  • Art supplies
  • Educational books and videos
  • New electronic or computer equipment, or used computers that have at least a Pentium III processor and 128 MB of RAM
  • Office furniture, including folding tables, filing cabinets, desks & chairs, etc.

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Boys & Girls Clubs of San Dieguito is an IRS 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All or part of your contribution may be deductible for Federal tax purposes.

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