Teens from La Colonia during Spring Break



Spring break was a week when the teens took the time to have fun and give back to their community and those in need. They started by going to Magic Mountain. It was a day to remember. We all had so much fun! Who would think that cold and wet was fun!

We enjoyed getting on all the rides without having to wait in line. The rush of getting on the rides and getting wet at the same time made it even more exciting. They all said it was a day to remember! The next day bright and early after having had an amazing time they all gathered to plan a day with Mrs. Diane. Mrs. Diane is a volunteer that tutors the teens in math 3 days a week for the last 4 years. She is so dedicated, passionate, and loving.  The teens took the day to make her feel special and spend time with her. They went over to her home and they helped her garden.  They all did it with so much love because they wanted to give her what she had given to them for so many years without expecting anything.  They then had a picnic and walked with her at the beach. The day ended with all the girls and Mrs. Diane going to go get a manicure.

On Thursday they all gathered bright and early to garden at La Casita along with Mrs. Andi. As they all arrived they all had bread, Peanut butter, and jelly.  After gardening we spend the rest of the day till 5:00pm making sandwiches for the prisoners in Tijuana. The conditions are not very pleasant for the prisoners and they don’t get feed at times. After finishing making the sandwiches at La Casita we went to go deliver them and when we arrived the group that makes the sandwiches every Thursday had not finished and asked the teens if they could help. They did! Their faces where filled with joy! You receive so much joy and happiness when you put others first!