Annual Reports

Annual Report

Financial reporting based on July 2014 through June 2015.

Boys & Girls Clubs of San Dieguito is an IRS 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All or part of your contribution may be deductible for Federal tax purposes. Tax ID 95-2470435

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  • Mission Statement

    Boys & Girls Clubs of San Dieguito is an organization dedicated to providing Positive activities to develop the education, health, self-esteem and character of youth.

    Program Highlights

    Children who spend time in enrichment activities after school have better grades, better work habits and more positive relationships with their peers. After school programs give children the opportunity to develop creative thinking, problem-solving, communication, and self-direction skills that are linked to success in the workplace.









  • futureceo

    A Message From the CEO

    marineke vandervort_BGC San Dieguito CEOEvery day I am humbled and grateful for the amount of passion, energy and support demonstrated by our staff, Board of Directors, and community. As the mother of two girls who attend our programs regularly, I know firsthand the positive affects our Clubs and programs have on the children and families we serve.

    This 2015 Annual Report summarizes what I have always known to be true: that our mission to provide positive activities to develop the education, health, self-esteem, and character of youth is VITAL to the success of the next generation as well as to our community.

    Our measurement efforts demonstrate the everyday impact on kids who are involved in our Clubs, after school and during the summer. “When school’s out, Clubs are IN.” This year we served over 10,000 youth, increased our membership to over 6,000, and grew our average daily attendance by 10 percent.

    My personal oath: to continue to work hard for generations of Club kids, staff, our Board members, and community supporters as we level the playing field by offering every child in our community, regardless of ability to pay, the opportunity to be their best.

    As you read through this report, the correlation between success, impact and support quickly becomes apparent. BGC San Dieguito could not exist let alone thrive without the financial and physical support of caring individuals, corporations, foundations, and civic organizations to ensure that our annual operating and programming needs are met. Our programs rely on significant contributions from our many donors and volunteers. I invite you to find out more about our mission, what we offer and our various fundraising efforts by contacting me directly for a personal tour, or by visiting our website

    As the New Year begins so does our 50th Anniversary of serving this community! Our organization has been at the forefront of identifying and acting on the needs of this community. Become a part of our success and experience what it means to truly make a difference. There is no better time to get in the game because we know GREAT FUTURES START HERE.

    With Sincere Thanks,
    Marineke Vandervort

    CEO, Boys & Girls Clubs of San Dieguito

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  • Board Leadership

    Board of Directors

    Tara Agen
    Regina Aulisio
    James Bernet
    Brad Beyer
    Tim Callan
    John Dudek
    Douglas Fisher
    Anne Fomon
    Craig Garner
    John Gilroy
    Michael Grove
    Ben Hamson
    Barbara Harper
    Matthew W. Holder
    Ken Holman
    Jeremy Horowitz
    Mark Lee
    Patrick M. Lenihan
    Patty Maysent
    Larry S. McDonald
    John Melican
    Merv Morris
    Stephen Moss
    Amy Ogden
    David Pawlowski
    P Martin Peters
    Douglas Regnier
    David C. Thomas
    Julie Wenzel Doug
    Wilkerson Michael
    Winstead Scott Yoffe

    Chairman’s Council

    Douglas O. Allred
    Kim Fletcher
    Cory Grant
    Doug Hall
    Joe Harper
    Terry Lingenfelder
    Leonard Polster
    Richard Randall
    Michael Robertson
    Edward P. Wallace Jr.
    James M. Watkins
    Monty C. Woolley

    Jr. Board

    Mary Aronoff
    Krista Bishop Powers
    Chad Blomgren
    Addy Connolly
    Craig Goldberg
    Jeff Grant
    Matthew Guillory
    Ed Hammer
    Caroline Hornblower
    Adora Horton
    Will Jacoway
    Jerhoff Brett
    Taylor Jones
    Hugh Leslie
    Marrissa Mallory
    Brett R. Pernicano
    Marc Posthumus
    Chris Roth
    Jen Suntrup
    Wes Talich
    Chris Thoman
    Nino Venturella
    Abe Woody
    Jenna Yost


    Thank you to all of our supporters! In 2015, 849 contributors supported Boys & Girls Clubs of San Dieguito. We thank our friends who invested $1,000 or more during the Fiscal Year 2015 in our youth.

    In preparing this annual report, every effort was made to ensure completeness and accuracy. If there is an omission, incorrect listing or error in spelling, please accept our heartfelt apologies and notify the Development Office at (858) 793-7345.

    Bret Abshire

    Tara Agen & Dave Gutierrez

    Joy & Donald Ankeny

    Marianna Arakelyan

    Carlos Arguello

    Regina Aulisio

    Carlos Becerra

    Tina & Jim Benedict

    Ayse Benker-Samikoglu

    Kevin Bickford

    Jay Borzi

    Karyn & Scott Bostick

    Inge & Charles Brown

    Adriana Cabre

    Heidi & Ryan Callan

    Jack Cavender

    George Chachas

    Cheryl Sulpizio Chachas

    Clifford Crane

    David Crean & Heidi Hutchinson Crean

    April Duskin

    Barbara & John Evenson

    Carmen & Frank Fernandez

    Suzanne Figi

    Mary Jo & Doug Fisher

    Marilyn & Kim Fletcher

    Jane & Steve Fletcher

    Mindy Fletcher

    Dan Floit

    Darcy & Bruce Friedman

    Meredith & Craig Garner

    Susan & John Gilroy

    Emily & Cory Grant

    Marie & Dennis Green

    Mark Gruwell

    Ed Hammer

    Bryn & Ben Hamson

    Barbara & Joe Harper

    Susan Hayes

    Bruce Hochman

    Jennifer & Matthew Holder

    Ken Holman

    Arlene Inch

    Linda & Bronson Jacoway

    Mary Lou Jefferson

    Carrie & Brett Jerhoff

    Bill Johnson

    Candy & Ed Johnson

    Karina & Larry Jung

    Amy & William Koman

    Laurel & Mark Lee

    Ainsley & Pat Lenihan

    Steve Leon

    Dale & Terry Lingenfelder

    Lenny Magill

    Brian Matteoni

    Jeffrey Mayer

    Patty & Jeff Maysent

    Larry McDonald & Clare White

    Evan McDonald

    Mark McEwen

    Janet & Mike McMahon

    Terrence Melican

    Kathy & John Melican

    Richard Mendelson

    Maxine Miller

    Michelle & Merv Morris

    Anny & Eric Northbrook

    Chrissie & Thomas O’Brien

    Deborah Parker

    Mary Alice & Marty Peters

    Mark Pulido & Donna Walker

    Tom McCarthy & Kathy Reed

    Denise & Doug Regnier

    Tammy & Cameron Rooke

    Henry Sauls

    Jill & Darrell Shrader

    Jodi Smith

    Jeff Stoke

    Jeanne Stryker

    Susan & Darrell Swenson

    Tina & David Thomas

    Bianca & Nino Venturella

    Cindy & Kevin Wagner

    Bernadette & Jim Watkins

    Sheryl & Harvey White

    Debbi & Doug Wilkerson

    Jessica & Mike Winstead


    Buffalo Wild Wings

    Burger Construction

    California Bank & Trust

    Callan Capital

    Callaway Golf


    Cox Communications

    Cox, Castle & Nicholson

    Cushman & Wakefield

    Del Mar Thoroughbred Club

    DPR Foundation


    Ferrari & Maserati of San Diego

    Flatrock Eats & Drink

    FLUXX Nightclub

    Foresight Sports

    Grant, Hinkle & Jacobs

    Guild Brands Inc.

    H.G. Fenton

    Hagerty Collector Car Insurance

    HG Motorsports


    Jake’s Del Mar

    Johnson & Wood Insurance Services, Inc.

    Jones Lang LaSalle

    Latham & Watkins LLP

    Lawyers Title

    LBA Realty

    Lee & Associates

    One Life Diet Inc.

    Pamplemousse Grill

    Peters Financial Service Corporation


    Qualcomm Incorporated

    Qualcomm Matching Gift Program

    Retirement Benefits Group

    Rimel’s Rotisserie

    San Diego Gas & Electric

    San Diego Padres

    Seyfarth Shaw Attorneys LLP

    Sony Electronics Inc.

    Starwood Capital

    The Century Club of San Diego

    Versa Realty Group, Inc.

    Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC

    William J King & Associates

    Boys & Girls Clubs of San Dieguito Foundation

    Cecil B. Demille Foundation

    Charles & Ruth Billingsley Foundation

    Costello Family Foundation, Inc.

    Encinitas Rotary Club Foundation

    Guilford Whitney Foundation Fund

    Helmstetter Family Foundation

    International House of Blues Foundation

    Jacob Best Foundation

    John M. Simpson Foundation

    Junior Seau Foundation

    LA84 Foundation

    LBA Realty Charitable Foundation

    Poinsettia Foundation

    Price Philanthropies Foundation

    Qualcomm Foundation

    The Country Friends, Inc.

    The Erich & Della Koenig Foundation

    The J. Douglas & Marian R. Pardee Foundation

    The Oliphant Family Donor Advised Fund

    @ The Rancho Santa Fe Foundation

    The Pulido Walker Foundation

    The San Diego Foundation

    The Starbucks Foundation

    Withington Foundation, Inc.

    City of Solana Beach

    County of San Diego

    Encinitas Coastal Rotary Club

    Las Patronas

    Procopio Cory Hargreaves & Savitch LLP

    Rotary Club of Del Mar, California, Inc

    Santa Fe Christian School

    Six Degrees Business Networking

    Each year we depend on the generosity of many individuals, corporations, foundations, civic organizations, and government funding to support our annual operating and programming needs. Be a part of our formula for success. Together, we can make a lasting impact on our community and the future of our youth. Donate now at or call (858) 755-9371.

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