Gabe Granados Jr.

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Boys & Girls Clubs of San Dieguito Board Member Since 2009

Don Chuy Mexican Restaurant


My name is Gabriel John Granados Jr. and I was born in 1968 in a San Diego hospital while my parents resided in the Eden Gardens area of Solana Beach.  (My father, Gabriel Sr., was actually born in his parents’ home in Eden Gardens in 1942!)  I attended local schools: Solana Vista, Skyline, Earl Warren and Torrey Pines High.

As a youth, I had the wonderful opportunity of spending time at the San Dieguito Boys Club from the age of 7 through junior high.  I enjoyed football, soccer, boxing, wrestling, table pool, ping pong, and martial arts.  Today, I have a brown belt in Shoulin Kenpo Karate because of that experience!  At the Club, I learned self-confidence, good decision-making, had some fine role models, and learned to interact with others of many different ages.

I went on to become a Union Construction Apprentice Plumber, but for the last 13 years have been the manager of my family’s Eden Gardens restaurant, Don Chuy Mexican Restaurant.  During that time, the restaurant has served as a gathering place for many friends and local families, many of whom my family has known for generations.  I have helped sponsor golf event fundraisers over the years for local families who need assistance with uninsured medical costs and family funerals.  Also, I’ve supported the community with participation in local fiestas, Taste of Solana Beach, and other fundraising activities.
Having always lived in Eden Gardens, my son Gabriel also participated in the San Dieguito Boys and Girls Club, bases on my positive experience there, for four or five years until he was in Earl Warren.

I am so please to be a member of  the Board of the San Dieguito Boys & Girls Club for two reasons: to represent the needs of the Eden Gardens families and to give back to the organization that helped me become the responsible and caring community member I am today.