Culture Club – Defining Our Culture

Culture Club - Light Bulb

The Leadership team recently embarked upon the exercise of defining the Culture at the Boys and Girls Clubs of San Dieguito, starting by creating a “Culture Club”, made up of a variety of interested staff members who meet quarterly.   Understanding our Culture helps us decide who is a good fit for our Clubs. Culture is defined by what you value, what is important for you and your company. We endeavor to hire people who will be happy and successful in their jobs and will in turn be committed to our mission.  We are happy to share with you our Culture defined as:


  1. Passionate and deliver the wow factor
  2. Ambassadors of change
  3. Proud fun experts.
  4. A team committed to our mission
  5. Dedicated role models.
  6. Devoted to helping others.
  7. Customer Service Agents
  8. We are the future.

The team’s next assignment was to highlight staff who embody the Culture.  Coming soon is a “nomination box” at each of our locations for staff, members and/or parents to nominate a staff member who embodied one of our values!  The team will vote each month and the chosen staff member will be in charge of our newly created Club “Mascot”.  We thought it would be fun to have the kids create the mascot!  We challenged all the kids in our clubs to make our logo come alive in a creature format. We had many amazing entries but ultimately decided upon one winner,  Tristan Siljander, age 13 from the Griset Branch! A big THANK YOU goes out to Sony Electronics, Inc. for donating the grand prize, a Sony PS4, to the winning drawing! Sony Electronics, Inc.’s commitment to our mission and the kids we serve does not go unnoticed. We truly value their support!