YOY Candidates 2020

(Page will be updated monthly as we spotlight the other nominees.)

Meet the seven BGC San Dieguito teens (age 14-18) who have been nominated as a candidate for our 2020 Youth of the Year Award. These seven teens exemplify the positive impact that BGC SanDieguito has on our youth.

Riley Riggs

Riley Riggs is a two year veteran of our Griset Clubhouse in Encinitas and an integral member of our teen volunteer program, Keystone Club. Riley’s quiet and observant nature tempered with his wit, optimism and respect for his peers and our BGG Staff makes him a leader in so many ways.

Riley finds himself making a difference within and outside our Club walls through Keystone (a Boys & Girls Club Teen Service Program). He understands the importance of serving others and volunteering in our community. Riley credits BGC San Dieguito for allowing him to open up and become more social and outgoing. As a chaperone at our sixth-grade dances, you may even catch Riley bustin’ a move when he thinks no is watching!

“The reason that this (BGC San Dieguito) was different from the last after-school program that I went to was because of the great community. I knew almost no one who went there but the welcoming staff encouraged me to start making new friends and eventually join the Keystone Club which really made me change as a person by helping me become more social and more engaged with the local community.” – Riley Riggs

Drew Schafer

Drew Schafer is a senior at Canyon Crest Academy and nine-year veteran of our Rancho San Dieguito Swim Team. Drew was nominated by Coach Armani from our Aquatics program for the meaningful impact he has both inside and outside of the team.

 “Drew is the ultimate athlete when it comes to what coaches look for. He’s a leader, a hard worker, is goal-oriented, and can be counted on to lead by example. Even more so, what makes Drew stand out is his ability to communicate those values and standards to not only teammates his age but younger swimmers throughout our organization.” Armani Kobik, Rancho San Dieguito Lead Coach & Team Administrator

On top of being a full-time student-athlete, and involved in several Canyon Crest Academy organizations, like the drug prevention club, Drew spends his time on the weekends teaching swim lessons for our Club’s Aquatics Program to kids of all ages.


“The aquatics facility has served as a second home to me for years, where I work as a swim instructor and where I swim for 3 hours 6 days per week. The Club, and all the relations I made, helped build some of my finest qualities that have shaped me into the person I am today.”  – Drew Schafer



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